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Downloadable image for personal use (the image you receive will of course be without the watermark).

This is meant for people who want to purchase a print, but want to save money and shipping costs by printing it themselves.

The purchase conditions are down below.

Let me know if you want to order a digital download of another illustration!



Digital download for personal use.

When you purchase this digital image, you agree on these points:

-This image is only for personal use. You can print it for yourself or gift it to others, but you can not sell it.
-You can print this image on paper, but not on any other material or merchandise.
-You can not use this image in flyers, books or magazines.
-You can not post this image directly online. You are however allowed to post a picture of the print.
-You can not change this image or use parts of this image. The image has to be used as a whole.
-You can not share the digital version of this image with other people.

If you’d like to have a digital download of another image, let me know!


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